PWN Barcelona Mentoring Program


Be A Mentor in 2024! 
PWN Barcelona is running its mentoring program for the eighth year, in 2023, with a limited number of mentor and mentee pairs working together to build a strong and successful relationship. Our Mentoring Program is a key part of our overall mission to promote gender-balanced and diverse leadership both at the corporate and entrepreneur levels. 
We will have a new round in 2024, so stay tuned for news about that around the end of 2023 and the beginning of 2024. 
Mentoring is recognized as an effective way to take control of your life and career. Receiving and giving tailored attention can make a big difference during times of uncertainty. As part of the program, we match mentees with highly skilled mentors from around the world and support them through workshops, social events, and networking opportunities.

Who can join?

  • The program is open to anyone, of any gender, who believes in diversity and gender-balanced leadership and looks to advance their career or help others to do so
  • We accept candidates from any industry and at any career stage
  • Candidates can be based in and outside Barcelona

How to Sign up 

The registration process for 2023's program has been completed. We have reviewed applications and matched mentees & mentors, which have begun meeting since March 2023 and will continue until the end of this year. 
The next registration round will be in 2024. Stay tuned for news on that. 
Mentoring Program 2024: what to Expect?
The Mentoring Team provides you with a solid framework to help you achieve your goals. 
The program offers: 
  • One-to-one monthly sessions with your hand-picked mentor tailored to fit the individual needs of each mentee. These sessions provide a great opportunity to improve self-awareness, identify and use your strengths, learn how to set and hold boundaries without guilt and deal with new challenges. Mentees will benefit most from these meetings if they come to the program with an open mind and willingness to implement changes through the insights and inspiration offered by the mentor.
  • Exclusive workshops led by experts with a broad range of topics including communication, leadership skills, and work-life balance.
  • Networking events in Barcelona. First, drink on us and you can bring a friend. 
  • WhatsApp groups for mentors and mentees.
  • Dedicated Ambassadors.
  • Mentoring Guidelines.
  • Access to ALL premium members' benefits for a year globally.
Please note that, as part of the signup process, you will need to pay a participation fee to be a member of PWN Barcelona. The membership will guarantee you have access to all 2023 PWN Mentoring events, workshops, and networking opportunities. 
Here is a video with testimonials from other mentors and mentees about their experiences. It was filmed and produced by Júlia de Balle Pige. 

 Want to join only our Mentoring Program events but not the full program? 

Some of our events will be open to other PWN members, with affordable entry fees. Event details and registration information are published through our monthly newsletter as well as our social media channels. Some of our mentors and members have also been featured in local newsletters where can read their testimonials about the program and PWN Barcelona.  
Please keep in mind this year's program has started and we do not accept registrations for 2023. 

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