• Networking Drinks

    Networking is one of the single most powerful ways to boost your career - our mantra: connect, share, learn, develop, is exactly what networking is about. The more you connect and share, the more you learn and learning always leads to development.

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  • Events

    PWN Barcelona events mainly focus on learning and advancing your career. 
    These events offer interesting speakers, are highly interactive and give the opportunity to network afterwards while enjoying some drinks and tapas.

    As a member you can attend PWN Barcelona events for free, and sometimes at a reduced fee.
    AND the same applies to events held by any of the other city networks as well as our global online webinars.

    For more information about upcoming events, please have a look at our events calendar:

    PWN Barcelona Events  

    All PWN City network events and future PWN Global Webinars  

    Past PWN Global Webinars for you to view

    Please make sure you are logged in as a member when registering for events or for access to webinars.
    This way you will enjoy the free or reduced entry fee.


  • Mentoring

    Mentoring Programme 2020 

    Mentoring is recognised as cost-effective and impactful way to enhance your life and career. In the past three years, 60% of people who participated in a PWN mentoring programme have achieved their stated goal, ranging from gaining a promotion to changing careers.

    Mentoring Programme 2020 - our 5th year

    This year we are selecting 20+ pairs of Mentor / Mentee for a structured programme from March to December 2020.

    The deadline to register and pay is 29th February 2020.

    Participants in the programme will benefit from:
    1. Individual, one to one mentoring meetings, focused on goals and objectives.
    2. Monthly skill development workshops with other members of the programme (always with pica-pica and drinks alongside!)
    3. Wider PWN networking events, including monthly meet-ups, workshops and online programmes.

    Who can join? 

    • Anyone, of any gender, who believes in diverse and gender balanced leadership and looking to advance in their career (or help others to do so)
    • Based in the Barcelona corporate or start up community. 
    • At any career stage. 

    How to join?

    Apply now to be either a mentor or mentee here!

    The deadline for applications and payment is 29 February 2020.

    Then, submit your payment. Our mentoring programme fee covers the full 8 month period with 8+ monthly events and supporting online infrastructure. The fees are:

    €100 for PWN Barcelona Premium Members. 

    €250 for Non-Members / Free Users

    Fees for the mentoring programme are for mentees only. Mentors do not pay to participate, nor are they remunerated. 

    Want to join our Mentoring Programme Events but not join the full programme? 

    Our events are open to all, with applicable entry fees. Event details and registration information are published through our monthly newsletter and our social media channels.  

    Don’t wait! Applications open now and until 29th Feb.
    Apply to be either a mentor or mentee here! 

  • Entrepreneurship

    Entrepreneurship Programme 2019

    Whether you have a great idea you want to launch, or a business you’re running that you want to grow, PWN Barcelona’s Entrepreneurship programme gives you all the business tools and connections you need to take your business to the next level, in one place.

    The PWN Barcelona E-Programme is the only programme in Barcelona which aims at tackling the gender gap in the start-up sector by taking a deeper look into the underlying obstacles that affect women-led businesses.  

    The program is built in three units:

    Idea Unit: aimed at the next generation of female entrepreneurs with an initial entrepreneurial idea. Here you will learn everything you need to know about becoming an entrepreneur (e.g.Lean methodologies, customer discovery techniques, speaking like a CEO, etc.)

    Build Unit: workshops focused on your business model, oriented toward adding value to the market and selling to high-value customers by securing a high profit margin. From there you’ll develop several foundational business skills including financial management, IP protection and sales.

    Growth Unit: aimed established or early stage startups with a need to reach the market, scale up or looking for a seed round.  The workshops in this unit will provide you with a simple methodology to prioritize how, when and where to grow by defining the right KPIs, negotiation and talent recruitment skills. Here you will also learn how to fundraise your venture (public funding and private equity), having the opportunity to present your pitch in front of a selected group of top local and international investors. 

    A few FAQ....
    When will it start? September 2019.  Get ready!

    How long is the programme? A maximum of 5 months depending on how many units you sign up for. 

    How long is each unit? Approx. 6-7 weeks.  We think it´ll be enough time for you to learn, implement your skills and grow your network! 

    How many events per unit? There will be 6 workshops per unit focusing on different skill-sets.   We want to make sure your experience is dynamic and consistent! 

    How long are the workshops? Each workshop will be 2h long (a 45 minute lesson, 45 minutes of a guest speaker with a business case, and 30 minutes of networking).  And don´t forget the pica-pica! 

    Do we have any additional guidance? Each unit be supported by mentors who are experts in their field and start-up world and available for 1-on-1 support.  Don´t worry, you´ll have some great guides who will help you navigate the entrepreneurship journey!

    Are there any other organizations involved? Each unit will be sponsored by a top corporation and/or business school.  We´ll make sure to bring out the big-guns. 

    Do I have to sign up for all units? No! You can sign up for one unit and focus on an area in need of improvement or fully develop your business from idea to profit by signing up for all units.   

    Are Men Allowed to join? Of course! Men are welcome and encouraged to partake in the programme.  We ask that they come accompanied by a female entrepreneur (current or prospective) to ensure that we maintain our overarching goal: diverse and gender balanced leadership.


  • Corporate Partnership

    It is time to get serious about gender balance. Did you know that gender diverse teams are much more effective? Did you know that you can significantly improve the performance of your teams and organisation? Did you know that you can retain key talent by investing in gender balance? Does your Company know how to advance gender balance?

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  • Knowledge base

    Too much information, not enough time? Let us help you cut though the noise!! We present you with the most up to date news, reports and research by delivering relevant news from the world of balanced leadership, mentoring and entrepreneurship to this one-stop knowledge hub

  • Balanced Leadership

    It’s no secret that balanced leadership is no longer simply the ‘right’ thing to do – major research projects have shown, time and time again, that it’s the profitable thing to do. Forward thinking companies and professionals know that putting balanced leadership at the heart of their business strategies will lead to sustainable growth and profit.  Here, you can access the latest trends and global thinking on balanced leadership. Understand what role you can play to boost your own career and that of others in a sustainable and balanced environment.

    What is gender balanced leadership?

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  • Balanced Boards

    We recognise that the C-suite leaders amongst our members need have some very specific needs and this strand of our work caters to those needs. 

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