PWN Paris Think Tank takes on the topic of Women & Ambition

10 August 2017 Language : English

PWN Paris Think Tank takes on the topic of Women & Ambition. 

Hard on the heels of the resounding global success of the Women & Money project, PWN Paris Think Tank takes on the topic of Women & Ambition. 

The PWN Global network that historically has supported women in their career growth, and more recently is also engaging more and more men to unite in achieving balanced leadership in business and society, is working with PWN Paris to better understand women’s attitudes to professional ambition. 

The largest of PWN Global’s family of professional networks, PWN Paris has a great legacy of Think Tank activities. Their simple definition of a think tank is a group of people who think of new ideas on a particular subject, or who give advice about what should be done.

In the instance of Women & Ambition, the think tank is launching the project by inviting responses from PWN networks around the world (in addition to numerous professional networks involved in gender balance and equality), to an in-depth survey. Once the survey is complete, the team involved will analyse the results and share them back to the community….and that’s when the really interesting work starts.

If you are interested in being involved with the survey, please contact Patricia Wyckhuys.

What insights with the results reveal? 

We look forward to reporting back to you, later in 2017.


PWN (Professional Womens Network) Global is a federation of PWN city networks across more than 29 cities worldwide, with over 3500 members representing 90 nationalities. PWN Global exists to advance gender balanced leadership. We believe that better decision making, economic sustainability and a happier society will be realised only by leveraging 100% of the world’s talent. The 'For Purpose’ volunteer association is creating a movement of professional business people and leaders who aspire to accelerate the current pace of change towards gender balanced leadership.  

Members of PWN Global include women and men, corporate partners, collaborative institutions, academic establishments, other networks, forums and supporters of gender balanced leadership. Our COMMUNITY courageously speaks up and proudly puts our values into practice in our own organisations.


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Contact: Patricia Wyckhuys, PWN Paris, VP Think Tanks
Email :

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