PWN Barcelona: WWW - Break Free & Break Through

14 June 2021 13:00 CET - 13:45 CET ONLINE

Working Women Week Event!

What if your breakthrough success, everything you want, is right here in front of you and within reach? Would you go for it?

✓ Are you stuck because you doubt yourself and let fear hold you back?
✓ Are you too much of a 'realist' to dream big?
✓ Do you feel like there’s so much more you can be, do and have?
✓ Would you like to feel centred and confident in ANY given situation?

Let me tell you one thing: You are NOT lacking in talent or capability. You are full of potential and giftedness! But unless you learn how to break free of what holds you where you are, then breaking through to higher levels of success remains out of reach! How awful is that?! You have what it takes right now to step into your best version, and yet you are stuck or have plateaued to the level you’re at now!

So ... Are you ready to break your own limits, crush your fears and outgrow yourself to live the best life you deserve?

In the upcoming “Lunch & Learn” Karen Volckaerts will take you through a shortened version of her Masterclass and teach you:

✓ What Limiting Beliefs are and where they stem from
✓ How to liberate yourself from the mental prison you've locked yourself in and tap into your inner wisdom (her own 4-Step-Success-Formula)

You absolutely can break the hopeless cycle you feel at times and live a happier and more fulfilled life of abundance. It is just a decision away.

Register now and start the most important relationship of your life – with YOURSELF!
Cheers to a more confident, happy and successful you!


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