PWN Barcelona Workshop: How to Handle Conflict with Emotional Intelligence

30 January 2018 19:30 - 22:00 Barcelona Activa Convent de Sant Agusti



 There’s always that one conversation you wish had gone differently.

 The conversation where, if you went back to it you would: 

·         Say what’s on your mind, rather than what the other person wants to hear

·         Speak up

·         Use the right words to express how you feel

·         Turn someone angry into someone who thanks you for your input

Whether it’s with a boss, colleague, friend or family member, handling difficult personalities, and conflict, is a life skill we learn the hard way.

If at all. 

In the first workshop of 2018 with the PWN, let’s nail the essentials of handling conflict and difficult personalities.

In this workshop our facilitator Razwana Wahid wlll show you: 

·         Why more conflict in your life is a good thing

·         The one action that reduces conflict and makes you more emotionally intelligent

·         7 mistakes most people make when faced with an argument (and how to avoid them)

·         A simple model for resolving that argument you can’t stop thinking about

·         The only script you need to give feedback without anyone crying, shouting, or throwing furniture at you

As well as learning some new tools, you’ll also have the opportunity to practice them.

When, where and other details:

  30th of January 2018, 19:30 - 22:00

  19:30 - 19:55 Sign in

  20:00 - 21:15  Interactive Workshop with prompt start

  21:15 - 22:00  Networking and pica pica

✓   Convent of Sant Agusti, C/ Plaça de Pons i Clerch, 2.   Open map here

   Free for PWN Premium Members and Corporate Partners

  15€ for Non Members, no walks, online payment only. 

 * If you need to verify your membership status, please contact

 See you there!

Event details

Barcelona Activa Convent de Sant Agusti
Plaça de Pons i Clerch, 2, 08003 Barcelona
Member price
€0 per attendee
Non-member price
€15 per attendee


  • Ms Razwana Wahid
    Relational Intelligence and Leadership Trainer VIEW PROFILE

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