Entrepreneurship Programme 2018

PWN Barcelona is presenting its first edition of the Entrepreneurship Programme 2018 with the goal of strengthening women's empowerment by providing knowledge and network to support them on their entrepreneurship journey. 

The 2018 PWN Barcelona Entrepreneurship Programme runs from April to November 2018 and will consist of a series of sessions plus an invitation to become part of the PWN Business Mastermind Groups. The programme is designed for women entrepreneurs: those who are already entrepreneurs and those who are looking to dive right into the entrepreneurship challenge. 



The Programme is built around content-specific sessions (3 hours each) plus an introductory and concluding celebration. Each session aims to introduce and reinforce essential “know-how and tools” and to provide ample space for working on individual and specific challenges at all levels—both independently and in dialogue with other entrepreneurs. 

An expert with sector-specific knowledge will facilitate each session. They will bring a wealth of experience to help you navigate through the content and will be helping you with the issues your company face with thoughtful and practical insights.


2018 Agenda


Session 1: April 24th - Opening Ceremony plus Business Strategy

Session 2: May 15th - Marketing & Promotion. The sales pitch.

Session 3: June 19th - Cash and Finances

Session 4: July 3d - Entrepreneurial Mindset 

Session 5: September 26th - Execution, Systems, and Processes

Session 6: November 13th - Execution, Systems, and Processes


PWN Mastermind Groups

As part of the Programme, participants will be invited to join the Mastermind or Accountability Groups. Peer-to-peer mastermind groups help you navigate through challenges using the collective intelligence of others and to grow yourself as an individual.

The group will meet monthly or weekly if they decide to, to tackle challenges and problems together. They lean on each other, give advice, share connections, very much peer-to-peer mentoring. The group will be provided guidelines and suggestions on how to run their meetings and tools to help keep on track with their committed goals.



Frequently Asked Questions


What is the fee to join the programme?

80 for Entrepreneurs who are already Premium PWN members

180 for Entrepreneurs who are not already Premium PWN members


What’s the deadline for enrolment?

18th of April 2018


Who is our target audience?

People who have either created their own business or those who are looking to get started in the upcoming months.


Do we accept both men and women into the programme?

Of course!


When does the programme launch?

25th April 2018

Can I register for individual sessions?

Yes. But not all sessions will be open for you unless you register for the Programme. 

How long does it last?

From April to November 2018

Why should I join the Entrepreneurship Programme?

To be part of a small group of people that meet to grow, learn, evolve and support one another. You will be able to get tactical assistance from experts and from your peer support group, as well as access to a high-level network and pooled resources. 

Why should I join a Mastermind Group?

The mastermind group becomes a safe space where you can share your wildest dreams, most audacious goals and paralysing fears. You can talk cash flow and name real numbers. On the long, lonely road of entrepreneurship, being in a group of people like this feels like coming home. 

What happens once I have registered?

You will receive a short questionnaire that will help us create the mastermind groups plus an invitation to the Opening Ceremony.


Additional Resources for Entrepreneurs:

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PWN & EU Business School Virtual Entrepreneurship Program 2017 

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