Cindy Jansen

Cindy’s desire for traveling and getting to know new cultures led her to Barcelona more than 10 years ago. With a master’s degree in International Management she has worked for start-ups, small businesses and multi-nationals in various positions and business sectors. Having lived in Germany, the US, Indonesia and now Spain, Cindy loves working in international and diverse environments - it inspires her and helps her growing, personally, and professionally.

Cindy is passionate about our planet and people. Corporate Social Responsibility (including Diversity and Inclusion) has been on her professional agenda for many years. Having worked in companies with 5000+ employees, she has delivered CSR initiatives on top of the objectives of her daily job.

“I joined PWN to accelerate the change towards more diverse leadership teams. From my experience diversity is crucial for different perspectives, innovative ideas, and employee engagement. Therefore, a diverse workforce is the key factor for companies to better serve their clients from all over the world as well as acquiring and retaining top performance talent.”