Cris Kristofits
Barcelona Community Liaison

I grew up in Pennsylvania, USA.  When I tell people that, sometimes they confuse it with Transylvania.  It’s not the same place!  I participated in an International Media program at the University of Manchester which is when I got my first taste of living in Europe.  Then, thirteen years ago, I made an even bigger decision and relocated to Barcelona.

Barcelona is a fun, modern city that is easy to get around and meet people.  When I arrived, I realized that I needed to beef up my Spanish, and after studying in some small private centers, I enrolled in the Spanish program at UB.  Knowing Spanish and understanding some Catalan have opened a lot of doors for me in Barcelona.

I’m currently the Community Liaison for the PWN.  My role is to reach out into the local community and find synergies between the local government, institutions and businesses.  Rare is a week that I don’t have several networking events on my calendar!  If you see me at an event, don’t hesitate to walk up and say hi!

Succeeding in business is all about making connections – Richard Branson


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