Laura Danzig
VP Impact Strategy

Laura is a creative, people-minded professional who constructs and works towards a global, inclusive and innovative vision while maintaining a detail-focused approach.

Having an established career in Barcelona, she is equipped with the ability to navigate the corporate and start-up ecosystem of Barcelona and has built relationships with organizations such as Barcelona global, IESE, WA4STEAM, amongst others.

During the past 5 years, she has worked for Cushman & Wakefield, an international corporation, constructing the sustainability division from zero.  Since day-one, she has maintained a vision of the department that is not entirely focused on revenue and direct services but what type of indirect value it could bring to Cushman & Wakefield: visibility, confidence, innovation.

She has achieved visibility through speaking at international conferences, teaching in local universities and building client “labs” to gain insight into the sector, confidence through building trustworthy and strong professional relationships and innovation by never believing an initiative is ´too big´ and achieving success in high-pressure, high-stake projects.