PWN Global: Network Coordinator Lead - Women on Board Program (WOB)


The mandate of the Global Event Manager Lead for our Women on Boards Programme is to deliver significant impact on gender-balanced leadership at Board-level. 

The global Women on Boards Programme aims to develop executive women who are members of PWN Global, in their pursuit of becoming/being a board member (vs being an executive).  


Behaving in a board is different than leading as an executive. Some companies have a governance set up with a Board of Directors to ensure company future and sustainability. There is a global trend to get more women on Boards enforced with by new regulations.   

Becoming a Board Member requires some understanding about role, responsibilities, practices and posture, which are different than acting as an executive director in the company.   

 This programme offers PWN members the opportunity to develop and prepare for Board Member positions.     

The purpose of this programme is to create a platform where the members can prepare to enter boards, learn to stay competent in boards and connect to become visible to boards.  


Location: Works remotely
Reports to:  Global Executive Lead - Women on Boards (WoB)/VP Programmes
Status: Volunteer
Leadership dimension: Global Lead
Budget owner: TBD
Time Commitment: 4-6hrs/wk (including meetings)


As a Global Network Coordinator Lead volunteer in charge of the PWN Global Women on Boards (WOB) programme , you will get to:  

  • Create the PWN Global WOB member database.   
  • Identify and connect the various PWN City network’s WOB programs and make them visible to the members.  
  • Identify and connect to other WOB non-profit organizations to learn from their experiences and possibly propose participation at their events and vice-versa.  
  • Synchronize and validate event planning with WOB Event lead.  

 Background and skills

  • Ideally have an experience in organizing data  
  • Have a strong network within PWN.  
  • Possibly have a strong network to other WOB non-profit organizations   
  • Strong communication skills and generally a very outgoing and curious personality  
  • Fluent in English. 

To Apply:

Send your letter of motivation and CV to To discover all of the volunteer opportunities that are currently open with PWN Global, click here

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