PWN Global: Legal Advisors


PWN Global is a non-profit association (ABNL or association à but non lucratif) registered in France, which owns 100% of PWN Global Corporation SAS (société par actions simplifiée). We are therefore subject to French law and administrative requirements.  We are seeking lawyers and/or law firms interested in supporting our mission on a pro bono basis. 

We have around 30 city networks as members, and we provide them with services (website for posting online events, membership management, payments, expert groups). We also provide services to our individual members (webinars, newsletters, curated content, social media) and to Corporate Partners (visibility, surveys, events, mentoring, Gender Balanced Leadership Awards).  

We have a Secretary General and a network of secretaries from the local city networks. However, we need legal support to assist the Secretary General with questions that arise. Support from French qualified lawyers would be best, although European legal expertise could also be relevant in some areas.  

We are looking for volunteers to support us in the following areas: ideally by undertaking a review of what we currently have in place and making recommendations for improvement, but also being available to answer questions where relevant or to share best practice examples. Areas where support would be welcome are:  

  • association law (ABNL)
  • company law (SAS)  
  • contractual law, especially in these areas: 
    • Technology platform: contracts with suppliers: website provider, payment providers, content and service level contract with city networks 
    • Partnerships with Corporate Partners 
    • Awards – see   
    • Webinars / online event terms & conditions, speaker contracts   
    • Approval processes for contracts – best practice 
  • data protection law 
  • employment law 
  • IP law (e.g. use of copyright images and descriptions) 
  • insolvency law (review of research re position under French law).   

Some areas are very well developed and would just need to be kept under review; others need more proactive review. In particular, employment and legal technology expertise would be useful.  

If you are an individual lawyer or law firm who would be interested to support us pro bono, please contact Susannah Haan, Secretary General, PWN Global. 

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