PWN Barcelona: Call for Volunteers

CALL FOR VOLUNTEERS - PWN Barcelona needs your support
PWN Barcelona is getting ready for 2024 by putting together new ideas, setting up a new event location - and looking for new volunteers. Do you want to get involved, to shape Barcelona´s professional landscape, and help others achieve their career goals? Then keep reading and check our vacancies.
General Secretary 
The role: The General Secretary is the recording Director and custodian of all the records for PWN Barcelona. In this role, you supervise all Board Meetings and Annual General Meetings, you are responsible for PWN´s compliance with legal requirements ensuing from legislation and regulation, and from the articles of association and internal regulation. Your main tasks will be contract reviews and advisory work. This role sits on the Board of PWN Barcelona and is a key player in growing and running the organization. 
The benefit: This role is ideal for someone who either has or would like to build an understanding of how the legal and admin side of a not-for-profit functions, and who wants to participate in the strategic decision-making process as well as in the day-by-day activities. This volunteer role also provides an excellent opportunity for someone to build their network and exposure within Barcelona´s start-up and business community. 
The candidate: Ideally a (former) Premium member of PWN - with a strong interest in contracts and regulations. You should be available (online) for our monthly Board meeting (30 minutes) and be able to dedicate an additional 2 hours per month. A strong commitment to fill this role for at least 12 months is a MUST. Our previous General Secretary is part of the PWN Barcelona Board and will ensure a handover as well as ongoing support in this exciting role!
For more information or to register your interest, please email Applications are welcome from all, including non-Premium members, but must be received by December 5th. 
We look forward to receiving your application!
VP of Marketing 
The role: As our VP of Marketing you will be responsible for creating and implementing a communication strategy to enhance PWN´s visibility, initiating dialogue and engagement. You will create digital content for our website, our newsletter, and our social media channels, mainly promoting our monthly events. You will be working closely with our Events and Mentoring team.
The benefit: This volunteer role provides an excellent opportunity to not only develop Social Media Marketing and communication skills. You will be a key player for PWN Barcelona - and will be one of the main contacts for the whole volunteering team and our members. You would also be able to grow your own Marketing team which will help you to enhance your leadership and organizational skills.
The candidate: You ideally have some experience with Social Media Management and Content Creation. More importantly, though is your commitment and a strong interest in DEI - to be able to support us (online) around 1 to 2 hours per week.
For more information or to register your interest, please email
Event Coordinator
The role: As an Event Coordinator you will be in charge of planning and executing our monthly events for our Premium members that ensure a steady learning and professional development. Together with the team you will contact potential speakers or trainers and coordinate the organization of the events. You will be working closely together with our Marketing team, providing them with the necessary information to promote our events.
The benefit: This volunteer role offers a great opportunity to develop organizational and communication skills as well as to connect with and manage our speakers. Together with the Marketing team, this is the other key role for PWN Barcelona. 
The candidate: You ideally have some experience with Event management and are well-connected with professionals and DEI experts in Barcelona. Most importantly though is your commitment and your availability to support us around 1 to 2 hours per week (hybrid). You will be the main contact for our speakers and guests at our events - together with the President.
For more information or to register your interest, please email
CALL FOR CORPORATE PARTNERS - Let PWN Barcelona support your organization for more gender-balanced leadership
As a Corporate Partner of PWN Barcelona, you will get a customized program for your company that provides you with training and workshops dedicated to your employee needs - to tackle the challenges for their next career move and further development.
As an example, this year PWN Barcelona has organized workshops by our Premium Members Monica Rodriguez on assertiveness and negotiations, and by Erik Eklund on finding your authentic voice.
Additionally, to dedicated events, your organization will also have the option to sign up your employees for our Mentoring Program that will kick off again in early 2024.
For more information or to register your interest, please email 

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