PWN Barcelona VP Events 2022 – 2024


PWN Barcelona is searching for a VP of Events that will help develop the events calendar, in coordination with the other VPs, and in accordance with our strategic objectives to enhance PWNs' positioning.

The VP will:

  • Develop scalable events strategies that anticipate and reflect the overall strategic goals of PWN Barcelona;
  • Organize and coordinate the events calendar (ideas, implementation alongside the other VP, scheduling and follow-up);
  • Source speakers and coordinate programs and content (in-person and online events);
  • Organize networking events (in-person and online);
  • Organize and coordinate Workshops (in-person and online);
  • Coordinate with VP Marketing the promotion on the website and social media, as well as email notification and registration information;
  • Attend and host as many events as possible (or else delegating this responsibility);
  • Venue Management and On site management of the event on the day of the in-person event;
  • Event follow up, connecting with attendees post event for feedback and non-members to convert to members;
  • Event analytics statistics and event administration (preparing badges, attendee list, satisfaction surveys).

This is a volunteer role. We look forward to receiving your application! For more details and applications, please email

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