PWN Barcelona VP Corporate Partners 2022 - 2024


PWN Barcelona is searching for a VP of Corporate Partners that will help establish, develop and expand revenue-producing and other beneficial relationships and alliances with strategic business, research, technical and related partners, to enhance PWN’s positioning.

The VP will:

  • Gain an understanding of the environment in which PWN operates and identify, qualify and establish formal relationships with business partners;
  • Develop and implement partnership goals and objectives thus finding the best ways to accomplish partner’s needs and objectives;
  • Expand relationships with current strategic partners by supporting the introduction of additional products and services and the growth of additional users;
  • Measure, interpret and report on key alliance performance. Develop strategy (including different offerings) for partnership, with an aim to engage different kinds of partners in the network for increased visibility and impact;
  • Work with VP events leads to identify prospective partners and sponsors for our chapter’s events and programs;
  • Work with the President, VP Mentoring and VP Marketing to develop story/value proposition for the partners;
  • Maintain positive relationships with current and prospective partners and sponsors;
  • Form partnerships with strategic partners; work in close collaboration with VP Mentoring Program to offer ‘mentoring package’.


This is a volunteer role. We look forward to receiving your application! For more details and applications, please email


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