PWN Barcelona VP Mentoring 2022 - 2024


PWN Barcelona is searching for a VP of Mentoring (or two Co-VPs) that, in coordination with the Mentoring team, develops and implements the overall strategy and annual program of Mentoring.

This role has a strong impact on PWN as mentoring is our most successful, impacting and dynamic program.

The VP or Co-VPs will:

  • Coordinate and understands the best practices of Mentoring and coaching;
  • Develop the strategy to execute the PWN vision in terms of annual Mentoring program development, execution and Members engagement;
  • Engage with the VP Events and Marketing to understand the needs of the members, transform them in an offering as part of the mentoring program and promote the program and its components to attract more members;
  • Coordinate the Mentoring team, train and coach them, assign roles and responsibilities;
  • Coordinate team meetings, exchange best practices and share information;
  • Build relationships with external partners;
  • Represents PWN when possible in different forums;


This is a volunteer role. We look forward to receiving your application! For more details and applications, please email



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